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Kindle – A New Revolution In Publishing

The Kindle by Amazon

Not since the invention of the printing press have we seen such a revolution in the written word.  Kindle, the device from Amazon allows people to instantly download ‘ebooks’ from the Amazon website.

Millions of Books

The Kindle catalogue boasts millions of titles, be they older books with no rights associated to them like Pride & Prejudice through to recent popular titles like Harry Potter and, a growing market of new authors.


Amazon specialise in simple processes for consumers, it’s easy to buy books and they are delivered to the Kindle in seconds.

The device itself is easy to use with newer models the keyboard has been removed and the functionality has been improved.  It is a device for reading books on and it does it very well.

The real advantage is the browsing and purchasing of books.  Once the Kindle is connected to the internet you can search through the entire catalogue easily.  Books come in at all sorts of prices, many are free and lots are at a low price point to attract readers.

You don’t need a Kindle

For those of us without a Kindle you can still have a Kindle account and still read ebooks, there is a viewer for your PC or Mac and there is a Kindle App that works on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Android

So you can literally have hundreds of books in your pocket.

More than just an ebook

Whilst the popular greyscale Kindles are still the most prevalent in the market there are now several types of Kindle that offer different things:

  • Paperwhite is  a revolutionary screen that lights up so it’s possible to read in the dark (they are great, I have one!)  but doesn’t strain your eyes like a computer screen.  They still render in black and white but this is a great device.
  • Fire and Fire HD are tablets, more like iPads than ebooks you can browse the internet and use them for email or Facebook as well as being able to read all your Kindle titles. The main advantage of the Kindle Fire family for authors is the colour screen, if your book contains lots of images and you want it to look great you can format books specifically to take advantage of the new Kindle Fire’s.

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