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Author Websites

Websites_MJKIt’s becoming increasingly important for authors to have a presence online to help to generate book sales. A website can be your digital ‘home’ that you direct people to so they can find out more about you, your books and your writing. It can be the place where you offer them contact details if they want to give you feedback or praise. You can also use your website to collect email addresses to build up your contact list, this is important if you want to email people at a later stage with new book releases etc.

Some authors are daunted by the thought of creating a website but it doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive process.

One of the core elements of my business is building websites, I was doing it before Publish on Kindle came into being and have carried on for some years now so I have a good understanding of what is required.

I’ve put together a template option for a simple website for authors so all you need to do is provide the text and some pictures and I’ll do the rest, all for £350*

For that you get:

  • A page with your featured works on it, if you have several we’ll create a moving ‘slider’ showing the different books
  • An about me section where you can have a picture of yourself and a biography.
  • A contact page with a webform to stop people spamming your email address.
  • If you want it you I can set up a blog for you so you can write regular updates for people to read
  • If you are going to start to create a mailing list I’ll set up a free ‘mailchimp’ account for you so that you can automatically email anyone who has signed up.
  • An account created so you have your own web address and hosting (*that’s what you need to get your website live and will cost you about £70 per year)

It takes a week or so to get the site up and running and you can start giving out your web address straight away.

Interested? Just drop me a line and lets have a chat about what you would like.