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Autumn for a Magus

Autumn for a Magus

autumn_for_a_magusAbi returns to Dunchester a year after her adventures there when she became aware of the mysterious powers present in the valley. The spirit of Jane Wake, a woman put to death for witchcraft centuries before, returned to the village, seeking revenge on her own people who had betrayed her. Abi and her friends brought peace to Jane at last.

On her return, she finds everyone talking about a millionaire, Zak Rivers, who has come to live in the area. He’s a man of mystery, eager to discover the secrets of earth magic present in the valley, and to use them for his own ends. In an excavation on the ancient Maiden’s Hill, Zak finds the preserved body of a hermit who lived 2,000 years ago and seeks to bring the man back to life. Zak plans to use the magical knowledge the man possesses to bring dark forces into the valley, gaining for himself enormous powers.

This will be a battle between good and evil, and the results could affect the future of our whole world. Abi and her group of friends must discover Zak’s plan and work out how to stop it succeeding, but the ancient season of Samhain is fast approaching, a time when evil is at its most powerful…

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