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Draft_1.2Why do people want to go to Heaven even though they don’t know how it is organised nor what it’s really like?

This is the question the story teller, Martin Gilbert, asks on finding himself unexpectedly dead in the first few pages.

To find answers he devises a scheme to gatecrash immigration. With the help of an appointed tutor and buddy boys he quickly gains a picture of the Afterlife and how it is rendered recognizable and bearable. The subterfuges he uses in this quest land him in front of God who is not at all amused and begins to subject him to deep scrutiny. Fortunately he also encounters Sadie, the great love of his previous life. The depth of their emotional relationship is described convincing God that Sadie, who turns out to be Head of Heaven’s Security, should use Martin to investigate a plot which could destabilize Heaven’s government.

They discover that the plot simultaneously threatens to produce widespread economic collapse in the European Union. Accordingly a trick is devised to return Martin to Earth to cooperate with a Welsh scientist in an attempt to head off disaster.

The whole story is a fast, sometimes sexy read. There are moments of tragedy but overall the style remains attractively humorous not least in the comments of a class of 18 year-olds for whom the text appears to be a set book.

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