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BootnecksSet at the height of the Northern Ireland conflict, a crack team of Marines return from a particular arduous tour for a few months of R&R and training back in the UK.

Every tightly knit troop needs a strong leader to act as the glue holding the Troop together. 7 Troops officer is about to change, throwing the Troop into a world far beyond the expectations of military life.

Lt Daniels is a switched on young Officer with more than Queen and Country on his mind.

The Troops sergeant, ‘old sweat ‘ Chris, the most experienced soldier on the team commands the highest respect and 7 Troop would follow him through the gates of Hell itself.

Once Chris is drawn into Lt Daniels sinister plan 7 troop are quick to follow .

With promises of great riches the 28 strong team plan and embark on committing the perfect crime, until one of there own shows his true colours , a truly sadistic psychopath bent on violence, greed and sexual deviance that will test even the most hardened Marines resolve.

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