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Carping On

Carping On

Cover_Peter-Bates_4Amongst several small villages and rural towns, a number of anglers prepare for their day’s fishing at a nearby Lake. Their destination is stunning. A beautiful and mysterious Lake that not only has magnificent surroundings, but contains in its depths some very special fish, in particular a thriving Carp population. All of the anglers are different, as are the occupants of the Lake, and as the story unfolds, each character evolves with their own different patterns and sometimes odd behaviour. The good, the bad, and the ugly, will all turn up at the Lake, and they will all contribute in different ways to the days, as anglers always do with their interaction and moments of both excitement and despair.

We see for the first time that the fish in this Lake are different, and learn of the life beneath the surface. The anglers continue to entertain and amuse with their strange habits, methods, and various whims and traits, as they do in real life

The story delves into the lives of the characters and as the days go by, a very special day quickly approaches. This is a day that will have a deep and lasting effect on both fish and anglers alike.

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