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Connections – Who Did You Sit Next To Today?

Connections – Who Did You Sit Next To Today?

Connections_FinalFrom the back of the book

A chance encounter on a routine journey after a difficult weekend changes his life forever.

John Lomax thinks it’s a routine Monday morning. It isn’t.

Be careful who you talk to.

How much of yourself can you see in the characters?

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Having my first novel put onto Kindle was very easy.  I simply got in touch with Tim, whose details are on the net, exchanged an e-mail or two and less about 10 days later it went live.

I didn’t have to worry about formatting, which can be a problem I understand, or anything else for that matter.

Tim’s fee was very reasonable when compared to others who offer similar service.

He has been in touch since my book appeared on Kindle and I am confident that he would help with any related matters with speed and efficiency.

You never know who you are dealing with when you use services found on the internet.  In Tim’s case, I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.  I wish him every success.

Paul Stuart Connections – Who Did You Sit Next To Today?