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Deadened Pain: A parody of crime fiction

Deadened Pain: A parody of crime fiction

Deadened-Pain-cover-Kindle-CoverA parody of crime fiction. A story based in the fictional district of Paslow, somewhere in the south-east of England. 
And featuring an entirely fictitious and unlikely police force! 

The tale starts with the investigation into a robbery at a local garage, in which very little was taken, and gradually gathers momentum as the crimes become more serious and involve kidnap and murder. 
It is only as the story unfolds that the very serious nature of some of these crimes and their terrible connections and consequences become apparent. 

Detective Chief Superintendent Luke Fuselage works for Birkchester CID and it is probably as well for the good citizens of the area that serious crime is rare if this particular DCS is the best they have. 

However, things are about to change and more dramatically than anyone could’ve imagined. In a quiet village a body is discovered, a body that is horribly mutilated. Thus starts to unravel an extraordinary chain of events that will test the local police force to the limits as the body count increases, and result in a race to find a killer or killers before he, she or they strike yet again. 

Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the stuff of all good crime fiction. But this parody has humour, satire, drama, horror and romance and features some characters that appear almost as caricatures. 

Join Fuselage on this voyage into the dark unknown as he pieces together the clues that will lead him to the perpetrator. But first he must find and identify those clues. It’s a case that will require all his ingenuity, experience and expertise. And somebody is keeping one step ahead of him and seemingly outwitting his team at every opportunity. 
There are serious messages especially relating to the illegal drugs ‘industry’. There are a few ‘home’ truths. For example, a sad reflection that all kinds of prejudices remain widespread just below the surface, despite the laws and public campaigns to outlaw them and eliminate them. 

Unlike other works of the genre some of the background material is deliberately unresearched, especially that relating to the police, their ranks and operations, as will be obvious. 

So don’t expect accuracy in detail. 

Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story!

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