formatting and creating digital code to get your book published on Amazon

Do I need a Cover?

Unlike a traditional book you only need a ‘front’ cover for your Kindle book, a striking image that compels people to click on your book and read what it’s about and then maybe download it.

Often people have an image they want to use on the front cover and it can be uploaded to Amazon without problems.  The key points to remember are that they need to be quite large, of high resolution and you need permission to use them.

What if I don’t have a cover image?

Within the price of formatting your book I will be happy to create a simple cover for you, including purchasing an image if that is required (up to £25) as you have seen something you like on for example.

I don’t profess to be the worlds best designer, I am reasonably competent with Photoshop and can put things together for you.  If however you want something more ‘designed’ or ‘artistic’ you will need to source that yourself.

To see a selection of images I have created for authors click to see Cover Designs by Tim.