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From Behind Closed Eyes

From Behind Closed Eyes

Book Cover Closed EyesWARNING! … The contents of this fictional work are gratuitously littered with the use of expletives and graphically explicit sex! …

Carla James, sexy, affluent, debutante of the New York society scene is suddenly driven into the depths of her own despair following the death of her first born child, shattering her perceptions, not only of herself but that of her entire world. Descending into an inferno of drugs and alcohol, she isolates herself in a cocoon of self motivated purgatory, destroying her relationships along the way just as the events of 9/11 had mercilessly wiped out the lives of her parents.

Launching a rescue bid, her matriarchal adoptive mother Marion employs the assistance of Carla’s life long friends Patty and Jane to help steer her life back onto a true and steady course but in the process they unwittingly expose her vulnerabilities to the charming yet underhand exploits of an Internet scammer who will, over a period of a few torrid, sexually fueled days, strip her of $10 Million, shoot dead her husband in cold blood, yet surprisingly leave her newly emerged ‘Alter Ego’ with a most unexpected yet incomprehensible bonus!

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