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How much should I charge for my book on Kindle?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, my advice is to charge what feels right and don’t under sell yourself.  No doubt you have put a huge amount of time and effort into writing your book and you probably want some reward for that.

The Challenge

With over 300 books a day being published standing out from the crowd is the issue.

Customers simply don’t have the time or patience to browse through hundreds of titles to select the one book that they like the look of, they will however:

  • download a book with lots of reviews
  • download a free or cheap book as ‘filler’ that they might get around to reading in the future
  • download a book based on personal recommendation

Promoting your book

I know it is easier said than done however Amazon is now a level playing field, a massive playing field, where big companies spending lots of money on advertising doesn’t mean success.

Many first time authors are getting success by working just as hard at promoting the book as they did at writing it and I can’t tell you how important it is.

I’ve written some ideas on how to promote your book on the Promotion Page.

Pricing your book

The beauty of Amazon is that you can change the price of your book, up or down, within twelve hours, so, price it how you would like to see it selling for and then wait.

If the book isn’t selling, perhaps use some of your free promotion days to encourage some downloads.

If that doesn’t work, try dropping the price for a couple of weeks to see what that does to sales.

All the time, remember to keep promoting your book to friends, family, people you meet in the street etc.

A case study

I listed a book of mine at £2.99 to take advantage of the 70% royalty rate.  It sold about one copy per month which meant my income was around £2 per month.

I then decided to drop the price right down to £0.79, the lowest you can set the book at which only attracts 35% royalty so I was getting £0.27 per copy, however, the book started selling around 10-15 per month.

I was getting around £3 per month in royalties (not enough to retire on!) however I was getting volume of downloads, some people were reviewing it as well.  After 6 months I’d got half a dozen nice reviews, the price went up to £1.99 (achieving 70% royalty rate) and continues to sell around 20 units per month.

Not a huge volume or income I know but an illustration of how it is important to move the price if you feel you need too, especially if you think it will help generate the all important reviews.

Good luck with pricing your book, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!