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Into Happy Havens

Into Happy Havens

Into-Happy-Havens_CoverMartin Hammond is the young and inexperienced manager of a group owned hotel in Outer London. He knows a lot about practical skills but has little experience in managing a staff brigade of 80 men and women.

His misguided sense of the ridiculous leads him into conflict with staff and his masters in Head Office. He rebels against the procedure driven rules which tie him down. At a time of maximum inconvenience his life is turned upside down by an attractive, feisty young female tour guide who stays in the hotel. She (Naomi) and Martin fall in love and their romance blooms. She sets out to guide Martin towards more maturity in love and management.

But Head Offices have long memories and can be very spiteful, as Martin finds out.

Martin resolves, against all advise, to fight back against his perceived tormentors. He does admit to himself, privately, that Don Quixote had a better chance against windmills than he has of winning.

In a final day of reckoning at Head Office Martin has his revenge, but he suffers some life changing setbacks which will affect the rest of his life.

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