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Lemon trees don’t grow in Galway Bay

Lemon trees don’t grow in Galway Bay

Cover_Mark-ManserThis is the story of Cathy and Michael. Michael is from South London where he is a commercial painter. Cathy is originally from the West of Ireland. They meet in the late Seventies at art college in London, and again, by chance, in 1999.

Cathy has a tragic past she believes to be the result of a mistaken identity. Michael has a traditional working class upbringing. Their relationship starts at college but ends suddenly and dramatically with Cathy disappearing. Michael is unaware of the real reason for this, although rationalises it as her need to break out of a situation that has become claustrophobic for her; created in the main by his actions in seeking a long-term commitment from her.

The story of their developing relationship and eventual break-up is set against the backdrop of increasing industrial and political unrest of that time, with which Cathy is peripherally involved. Their situation is further contextualised by the situation in Northern Ireland, and Cathy’s nascent, but growing sympathies with the Republican cause.

Cathy and Michael meet again by chance after 20 years in 1999, although Cathy rapidly disappears again. Michael tries to find her but finds himself drawn into a web of deceit and subterfuge involving organisations of national security. He eventually makes contact with her and it becomes apparent Cathy is in some form of trouble.

In his search for Cathy, Michael becomes involved with agencies of national security, and the shadows from Cathy’s past reach into the present with calamitous results.

This is a story of two people and of love, betrayal, loss of innocence, regret and atonement. Two people who through a set of circumstances have their lives irrevocably altered, but who must eventually find accommodation and reconciliation in a world both struggle to understand.

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