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Millie May and Mabel Moon

Millie May and Mabel Moon

Millie May and Mable Moon (2)From the back of the book

There was a girl called Millie May,
She liked to play each and every day,
but she got bored and lonely too.
She wasn’t really sure what she should do.
She said ‘I hope someone will come soon’.
The next day she found a new friend called Mabel Moon!

‘Millie was happy to see Mabel, she had only lived in her house for a couple of weeks and she hadn’t made any friends. Plus Mabel Moon was exactly like Millie in every way. She didn’t like cleaning her teeth, she didn’t like monsters and she loved chocolate. Exactly, as a best friend should be!’

Millie May has a friend but she’s not an ordinary friend! Join Millie and her imaginary friend, Mabel Moon on their adventures. Will Millie ever find anyone else to play with?

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