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Moving On (to a photo finish)

Moving On (to a photo finish)

Moving OnThis continues my journey from ‘The Age of Innocence’ a wartime memoir as I ‘Moved On’ to a much more contented and moderately successful life, looking for work, taking on second jobs until I got married and eventually in 1960 I started working for a TV Company. This was a time when Granada TV was only a few years old and I watched it change from being just one of the regional companies to become one of the most popular and respected of all the companies.

Sometimes people behind the scenes can see a different picture from the one on the screen. I worked in some very interesting departments one of the first was as a copy taker in the News Room and I was only the third person to hear about President Kennedy’s assassination and Granada was the first company in Britain to break the story.

Some of the stories are funny, some homely and some tragic, witness when I typed a transcript of the Moors Murder tape.

I worked for Granada for almost thirty years finishing up as a Picture Editor.

Some of the stories in these books illustrate just how naïve I and many others of my generation were, and some of us still are.

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