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Mr Trinity’s Quest

Mr Trinity’s Quest

Cover_mr_trinitys_questMr Trinity Stood in the middle of the mirror and snapped his fingers once more. A big black book that had been lying on the sideboard moved from its pile and flew across the room into Mr Trinity’s outstretched hands’ Mr Trinity began to recite from the book: “Earth, air, fire, water spirits of the four worlds, help me on my quest!” With those words he spun slowly around and round and the mirror gave out a bright light that nearly blinded us. As Mr Trinity spun around he started to disappear into the the mirror, all of a sudden he was gone leaving Sutherland and I totally dumbstruck and wondering what to do next.

When John Carroll’s grandparents die, his mother is forced to send him away to a charity boarding school because she is too poor to keep him. There the ten-year-old John has to submit to a rigorous routine of early rises, long country walks and endless school work and he begins to wonder whether he will ever get to see his home or mother again.

But then a new teacher arrives at the school – Mr Trinity. Not only does Mr Trinity look a little strange – he has pointy ears and wears a long black cape – but he behaves strangely too!

John and his friend Sutherland decide to investigate his little cottage in the school grounds and they discover that Mr Trinity is stranger – and much, much more wonderful – than they could possibly ever have imagined…!

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