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My Troubled African Soul

My Troubled African Soul

About the book

Stephanie’s parents died in a car crash when Stephanie was only twelve, leaving her in the care of her father’s younger brother and his prostitute trafficking rich wife.

Stephanie gets raped at sixteen by the one person who is supposed to be looking out for her and this results in her fleeing into the arms of strangers.
From the house of strangers to the home of her future husband, mixed race and self acclaimed sadist, Connor O’ Sullivan.

Connor introduces Stephanie into a world of sex, alcohol and drugs. Connor also beats up his wife to the point of unconsciousness and uses her like a slave.

Stephanie’s only escape is to flee from her husband but she soon realises that no one leaves Connor without the consequence of very bad repercussions. So she finds herself stuck in a marriage that consists of isolation, bondage and oppression.

Stephanie’s sole moment of respite is when she is frequently visited by her dead parents.

My troubled African soul takes the reader on a journey from a council estate in Northern Ireland to Lagos state, in West African Nigeria. Follow Stephanie on her journey and discover what life can be like for an African Nigerian girl who grows up without a family, without help from the Nigerian government and without hope.

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