formatting and creating digital code to get your book published on Amazon

National Book Day – Get Your Masterpiece To Millions

The Kindle by Amazon

The Kindle by Amazon

So why not get writing? Or better still, get that book you’ve nearly finished published and available for people to enjoy – today is the day to take action!

Publishing is no longer a chore

Barriers to publishing have been broken down and authors are finding it easier to make their work accessible to friends, family and a huge market of customers by publishing on Kindle, the worlds most successful eReader.

Previously getting a publisher was a nightmare, publishing houses had strict criteria on what they would or wouldn’t accept and many authors got very used to being told “thanks, but no thanks.”

Thanks to Kindle it is so much easier to publish your book to the world.

There are no editors to woo, publishers to convince or agents to sign up for. You don’t even need an ISBN number for a Kindle book!

Amazon’s process is reasonably straight forward and you can create an account and get your book loaded and live in a short time, they even offer up to 70% royalties!

Then it’s over to you to publicise your book and encourage people to download it.

Everyone has a book inside them

Now that we all have a computer or iPad at home bashing out that novel has become so much easier, even those ‘technophobes’ are happy to use a simple word processing programme to create their work of fact or fiction.  Some people however find the formatting of text, creation of an eye catching cover, loading of files and the technical terms Amazon use a little baffling.

Publish-on-Kindle-TodayGet a little help

Whilst the writing can be challenging enough some people are daunted by Amazon’s process for getting their book live, you can do it yourself but if you need some advice, help designing a cover or simply want someone to ‘make it happen’ get in touch and I’ll be glad to help you.