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Pan’s Principle

Pan’s Principle

Draft-Cover_2The Book:

A compelling, contemporary novel with conflict and trauma at its core, Pan’s Principle commences in 2006 and is woven into the unfolding background of the financial panic that ensued.

Set in rural South West England, there are three main protagonists: Joanna Greenway, a widow of dark, striking physicality and good looks, who went to London as a young woman and, after a successful career as a trader, returned in her thirties to her roots on the hills; her son, Cicero, a strong but sensitive fourteen year old with a deep love and understanding of nature and the beautiful, wild environment in which he lives; and Robert Dunning, CEO of a water company which is evaluating options for a new reservoir in the area.

The family farm is now owned by Joanna’s brother, who agrees in principle to sell to Dunning; however Joanna and her two children, who live just beyond the boundary above the valley, are deeply opposed. The novel opens with her son badly injured and traumatised while rescuing a stag from the river, one which he believes to be white – a very rare, near mystical animal and much sought after by trophy hunters.

CEO Dunning meets Joanna and they embark on a highly physical affair, but which is doomed by his indecision about informing her of his company’s plans. As the conflict develops Joanna enlists the help of a neighbour, an eccentric London-based hedge fund manager, and as the financial tsunami gathers pace they together attempt to save the valley, and the stag.

Pan’s Principle is both a racy, earthy tale of a family torn apart by sexual and ecological conflict, as well as an allegorical contemplation of our planet as a minute, living, teeming, sward, finite and vulnerable, and floating alone in the dead sea of the universe.

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