formatting and creating digital code to get your book published on Amazon

Promoting your book

In my latest book An introduction to Kindle Publishing I give a more detailed view of how to launch a book and ideas for promoting it, below is an extract from the book to get you thinking.

Brilliant, you book is live, now how do you tell people about it?

The Basics

When I upload a book to Amazon for you I will do 5 things that will help get your book noticed;

  1. Add a Description of your book – this will help people understand what your book is about, think of it as the ‘back of book blurb’ – ideally you will write this as you know the story best.
  2. Add Keywords to your book – keywords are phrases that people will type to look for books.  For example if you write a book about English Tea I will use keywords like, high tea, afternoon tea, the perfect cup of tea etc.
  3. Categorise your book – If people are searching by category such as fiction>action and adventure, it’s critical to ensure your book is in the right category so it can be found.  I will make sure this is done for you.
  4. Set up your first Free Days promotion through Select – you tell me the dates when you’d like it set up and I’ll make sure it’s done for you.
  5. Once your book is published I will post links to it on this website so that people coming here will be able to see your book and be able to follow the link to Amazon.

‘Free’ promotion days

When a book is uploaded to Amazon they let you promote your book by offering it for free for 5 days, these days can be scheduled way in advance and don’t all have to be used consecutively. This is only available to books that are enrolled in KPD Select.

For instance, if you get a piece of editorial written in a local paper about you and your new book you can schedule a ‘Free’ day for the day the paper is due out and include a “download for free from Amazon on this day only” in the text.

If you want help scheduling your ‘Free’ days then I will happily do this for you.

Complete your Author’s Bio on Amazon

Once your book is loaded and live on Amazon you can create a profile for you as the Author.  It can have a biography and a photo and links all your books together if you have written more than one.

If you want an Authors Profile on Amazon let me know and I will send you a link so that you can set one up, I will of course be happy to load the text and pictures for you.

What you can do

There are lots of ways that you can promote you book, but don’t forget it’s not just about your book, it’s about you as well.  Customers are just as interested in the story behind the book and if they engage with you as a person they might feel compelled to download your new book.


What you want more than anything are verified reviews (Where people have downloaded your book and then added a comment on Amazon)

The more positive reviews you get the higher your chance of selling more books.

Beg your friends and family to download the book, perhaps on one of your ‘Free’ days and then ask them to review it for you.

This will encourage other people to purchase the book as other people will have told them that it’s a great read.

Traditional marketing

There are a lot of ways in which you can tap into your local community to promote your book and it is often a great way of starting the promotion of your book.

Clubs & Societies

Are you a member of any? If so, do they have newsletters that you could write editorial about your book? Do they have a website with a forum attached where you could say “hi guys, I’ve written a book” – download it on X date and it will be free (using Promotion days mentioned above)

Local newspapers, magazines or radio

Are often looking for local good news stories, try and contact them and tell them that your work is available on Kindle, your back story and how it would be great to promote to local readers  – download it on X date and it will be free (using Promotion days mentioned above)

Local radio can be the same, think about hospital radio, you could talk about your experience as an author etc.


Perhaps you could arrange a ‘meet the author’ event.  You could do a reading of part of your book as a way to encourage people to download it and tell people it will be free on a certain date.

Have a web presence

Spreading the word about your book online is a great way of promoting it and is something you can do at relatively low-cost.

This does work best for non-fiction books where you as an author can establish yourself as an expert in your field, for fiction books and authors it is a lot harder to achieve great content on a website that people are actively looking for and I don’t recommend that you go to the expense of creating a website.

Use social media

You can use your own Facebook profile to tell your friends and family that your book is live, you can post a link to it on Amazon to proudly show what you have created.  Ask your friends on Facebook to ‘share’ your link with their friends to create a ‘viral’ message that reaches lots of people.

If you are already a Twitter user it can be a great way of promoting a book but don’t keep posting tweets like “buy my book on Amazon” as it quickly turns people off.

Again, for first time uses of social networking sites it can be really hard to establish a presence to sell a book.

The key is asking other people, your friends to do that for you, ask them to post “just downloaded this book written by a great friend of mine” and only ask them to do it once – see what happens!


Advertising can work very well, you could use pay per click advertising in two ways;

  • Google Adwords – You set up a campaign to show an advert at the top or right hand side of Google when someone searches for certain words or phrases.  I have a campaign set up to show an advert for this site every time someone searches for “publish on kindle.”  This works great if you have a non fiction book.
  • Facebook Advertising – Adverts show on the right hand side of the Facebook screen (on a PC or Mac) and are targeted at demographics of people.  If you have written a love story based in medieval times that will appeal to women over men you can opt to target ladies (between certain ages if you like) who ‘like’ certain interests like medieval literature, certain films set in medieval times etc.

Paid advertising can be a great way to get your book noticed but you do need to set a budget that you are comfortable spending.  There are no guarantees that spending the money on advertising will convert people to purchasing your book.

 ‘Everybody knows Kevin Bacon’

Is the title of a chapter in the Innocent Smoothie book.  It alludes to the fact that we are all connected, somehow, to someone famous that we admire or like and someone we would love to promote our books (in the of case Innocent Smoothies it was Kevin Bacon.)

Think about who you admire, whose values fit with your book or is known to like the type of work you have created.  Then think, is there a way of connecting with them? Could you write to them, tweet them or ask friends if they know someone who knows someone etc.

Below are some links to blogs on how to market your new Kindle book:


New-Book-widgetFor more idea’s and a detailed ‘launch plan’ please take a look at my latest book on Amazon. An introduction to Kindle Publishing


* * * * * *

Please note, as part of the publishing process I will complete all the elements under “the basics” for you, you would be responsible for any other types of promotion.  I would be happy to quote for any of the above services if you would like to advertise for example but don’t know how to.

Once a book is published there are no guarantees that it will sell, whilst I will do all I can to promote your book in the ways mentioned above in ‘the basics’ you are responsible as well for spreading the word about your book.