formatting and creating digital code to get your book published on Amazon


Dealing with companies across the internet can be difficult as you don’t know who you are dealing with.  Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers, if you wish I can arrange for you to get in touch with them to verify my service and myself.

Dear Tim,

The process of self-publishing on Amazon Kindle felt technically daunting. I was wary of any pitfalls that might await me, so I was greatly relieved to find that I could receive your professional help in this. After the effort put into writing the book and then all the time taken in editing and making corrections, it was so good to know that you were overseeing the Kindle submission. And you were always quick to respond and were reassuring when I had a question or needed advice. You saw me through the whole process. I am most grateful.

William Rose The Strange Case of Madeleine Seguin


Dear Tim

I would like to thank you for helping me get my book on kindle i was very pleased with the professional way you went about doing my book. It was money well spent and i will definitely use your services again thank you again.

John Stirzaker Mr Trinitys Quest



Thank you for all your assistance in taking my e-book and making it available on Amazon, via the Kindle Direct Publishing package. I am, to say the least, very impressed with how you have dealt with everything so efficiently, from re-formatting my e-pub book, to dealing with all forms and account requirements on my behalf. I am used to dealing with complicated matters, but I am convinced I could not have done what you have done due to the many quirks and peculiarities of the KDP system. I wish that all lawyers we appoint to assist us on numerous legal matters were as slick and quick to respond to enquiries as you. Now I have paid you, I can also say that your fees are extremely reasonable for someone so capable. Thanks once again.

F.W. Vann World Planetary Defenders And The Hidden Menace

Dear Tim,

I am so glad that I asked for your help with formatting and publishing; Crown and Quest: Spiritus 1;.

As the book went through various stages there were changes to be made. You were very patient and kind. I don’t know what I’d have done without you!

Thank you, too, for the PDF and Mobi formats which you provided for me to send to reviewers.

I wish you all the best in the future.

Kindest regards

V. C. Arran

VC Arran Crown & Quest: Spiritus

Dear Tim

I would like to thank you very much indeed for the expertise and help you have given me and for publishing my book ‘Moving On (to a photo finish)’ on Kindle.

I couldn’t believe how easy you made this for me and how much advice you gave.

I have no hesitation in recommending your service to any would-be (or established) author who wants to publish on Kindle.

Your fee was very reasonable indeed for the wealth of help and advice you gave and would like to thank you once again for making the process so straightforward.

Yours sincerely

Joan Riley Moving On (To a Photo Finish)

I do not have much skill in operating a computer and I have an old man’s fear of making mistakes which might screw up my system for ever. So it was with considerable wariness that I approached Publish on Kindle. I had previously wasted a couple of years trying the orthodox route via publishers’ agents.

Now here I am with a grin on my face only a week or two later. My novel is already up there for sale! And my doctor is not worried about my blood pressure !

Yes, I owe a big thank you to Tim O’Grady who is calming, professional, honest about what can or cannot be done about corrections, makes good suggestions and is fast in response and in implementation. To top it all he designed a great front cover.

Martin Gilbert Bewilderment

Dear Tim,

This is to thank you for publishing my poetry book so efficiently and speedily.  I am absolutely delighted with the finished product.

You help and guidance throughout the whole process was exemplary.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who would like to have a kindle book published, not only because of your efficiency and attention to detail, but also because of your very reasonable fees.

Very many thanks.

Jo Shaffer Every Day May Not Be Good, But There Is Something Good In Every Day

For years I dreamed of publishing my books, but ran into the catch 22 situation of publisher v agent. Then I found Kindle and Tim O’Grady. Tim guided me through the pros and cons of digital publishing and now my first book  has been published on Kindle. Thank you Tim for making the journey to my dream so easy.

Dorothy Jones El Tigre

Having my first novel put onto Kindle was very easy.  I simply got in touch with Tim, whose details are on the net, exchanged an e-mail or two and less about 10 days later it went live.

I didn’t have to worry about formatting, which can be a problem I understand, or anything else for that matter.

Tim’s fee was very reasonable when compared to others who offer similar service.

He has been in touch since my book appeared on Kindle and I am confident that he would help with any related matters with speed and efficiency.

You never know who you are dealing with when you use services found on the internet.  In Tim’s case, I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.  I wish him every success.

Paul Stuart Connections – Who Did You Sit Next To Today?

Like many of you reading this, when I decided to publish my next book on Amazon Kindle, I trolled the Internet for days and wrote a list comparing one internet publisher with another.

There were many cheaper than PoK (mainly in USA), but they seem to offer purely a typesetting service with no back up outside of that (unless you paid extra). There were also many more expensive than PoK, but they didn’t seem to offer any more than Tim did – so I took the plunge, and how glad I am that I did. Tim has been excellent all the way through, with his advice, expertise, communication, and customer care.

“Fated . . .” is the fourth book that I have written – the other three with traditional book publishers (so I have something to compare to).   I have my next three books planned. They will all go to Tim O’Grady/PoK.

James Masters Fated....but I never wanted to be a teacher

‘I had been trying ot publish on Kindle for months, trying to get the format right and continually resubmitting. It was such a disaster that I eventually sought professional help.  Some of the people I approached gave me no confidence; others were extremely expensive and required a large percentage of their fee up front.

I then approached Tim O’Grady and he was immediately helpful, his fee reasonable with no payment  required until the book was satisfactorily published on Kindle.

This Tim did for me, patiently making my amendments and helping me prepare my profile and uploading it together with a picture to the Kindle book site.

He then gave me good advice on publicising my book.

In short, I am very pleased with the advice Tim has given me and he is now preparing another of my books for publishing on Kindle.

Prof. Barry Shortall The McKellen Retribution


“I found Publish-on-Kindle after some internet research and decided to ring Tim O’Grady to discuss my needs.

His response was very friendly and helpful and I thought the price he was charging for formatting and publishing on Kindle to be most reasonable.

His service was professional, efficient and he always answered  my on-going questions and queries promptly. Within the price he also included some design ideas for the thumbnail cover of the book, one of which we went with and which has met with good comment.

I would certainly recommend Tim for anyone looking to get their book published on Kindle for the first time and who needs guiding through all the technicalities and pitfalls. And yes, I will use him again for my second book!”

Simon Patrick Pans Principal