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The Amazing Tale of Douglas Bear

The Amazing Tale of Douglas Bear

Cover_John-Metcalfe_v1This unique and unusual story is about the enduring and everlasting rivalry between Soft Toys and Teddy Bear as to who more deserves the hearts and love of humans.

Teddy Bears are all around us and have supported humans for thousands of years. They are to be found in Nurseries, Bedrooms, Living rooms, Offices, Factories and even in cars and Lorries. They blend seamlessly into the background of our lives, unnoticed and in perfect harmony with humans.


If you thought that ‘Soft Toys’ were your warm cuddly friends then think again, They are trying to kill you to get their revenge.

All is not well in the world of Soft Toys, and hatred and jealousy is mounting over human’s natural preference for Teddy Bears. The fanatical Clown, with his fixer Harlequin and the stunningly beautiful Columbine, aided by the might of the evil Italian Soft Toy organisation the ‘Duro Morbidi’ plan to kill the inhabitants of a Yorkshire seaside town as revenge.
Teddy Bears stand in their way, and the most unlikely Bear is Douglas. Who, while on holiday with his humans, finds himself at the centre of thwarting the evil plot. Together with the other Teddy Bears of the town, a savage battle is fought in order to save the inhabitants of Whitby from certain death.

Set in the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby, and in the beautiful city of Venice, the evil Soft Toy trio plot to carry out their dastardly plan. But Teddy Bears fight hard, and they fight dirty and events do not go entirely the way that they are planned.

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