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The Garcia Effect

The Garcia Effect

Cover_Glitt-ORourke_1.3Martin was bored with teaching English and with life in Barcelona generally. Such was the tedium of his drearily dull daily grind that he could only be rescued by murder. At last he had found something he could truly excel at and revel in. He stumbled into a realm where he was genuinely skilful to the point that he could kill almost at will with no danger of ever getting caught. Before he knew it Martin was hooked on murder. 

But as all addicts do, he kept having to increase the dosage and the level of risk in order to attain the same highs that he’d achieved at the outset. And it wouldn’t be long before the lives of the people closest to him became endangered by his ghastly hobby, with Martin himself, ironically, in the frame and wrongly arrested for his girlfriend’s murder. 

On his eventual release from a high-security mental institution, Martin turns his back on his past life of crime, save that he is determined to serve justice on his girlfriend’s killer, and on those who erroneously saw to it that he got locked up. Moreover, in an intended act of penance he adopts a new obsession, namely catching and stopping the new serial killer who is stalking Barcelona’s streets, whose identity turns out to be closer to home than Martin could possibly have imagined. 

And all the while, the gangster buddies of Martin’s girlfriend’s murderer are closing in around him, not to mention other villains in the form of eco-terrorists, who Martin gets on the wrong side of along the way. It looks, finally, as though his killing skills will be called upon one last time, but now in the name, simply, and desperately, of survival.

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