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The Illuminati Conspiracy: The New World Order

The Illuminati Conspiracy: The New World Order

Cover_TICRichard Machen, a naval lieutenant of American descent in England’s navy, and English heiress, Jane Ashford, duel alone in Napoleonic Europe to foil the Illuminati’s subversive plot for world power.

Passing through London on his way to visit his Welsh grandparents, before sailing to Boston, Massachusetts after the defeat of the French at the “Battle of the Nile”, Richard and Jane are accidentally drawn into a fateful chain of events which will affect history, involving Colonel Despard, an Irishman of French descent, who is masterminding a radical plot to assassinate the King of England, overthrow the government and make Britain into a republic.

Except the plot is being manipulated by the Illuminati, a secret society who orchestrated the French Revolution, and are conspiring to regain control of France from the rule of its First Consul, a despotic young General called Napoleon Bonaparte, who is himself planning to invade England in his own desire to conquer all of Europe, and then the world.

Machen and Jane foil Despard’s plan and he and his secret committee are brought to trial for treason. They are found guilty and due to the non-intervention of Lord Nelson, once a combatant friend of Despard’s, are executed and beheaded.

But this is not the end of Illuminati’s, or Napoleon’s, greater ambition. It continues, driven on by Conor Macnamara, an Irish revolutionist, and now a member of the Illuminati, who has sworn to kill Nelson in revenge for his brother, a member of Despard’s committee. And Lord Nelson is the only one standing in the way of France’s invasion of England, with a sea battle to be decided between the English and French Fleets in the Bay of Trafalgar, off the west coast of Spain.

Will Machen save the day — and also help shape history by discovering the Illuminati’s code and bringing about their downfall?

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