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The Kegel Legacy

The Kegel Legacy

eBook jacket_frontThe long term consequences of natural childbirth are still a major taboo in the 21st Century:
– Has your sex life become less enjoyable since you had children?
– Have you suffered from embarrassing leaks after childbirth?
– Do you feel that all is not quite right ‘down below’?

You are not alone and do not have to suffer in silence.
Arnold Kegel gave his name to a highly effective course of treatment but the millions of women who have tried to practice ‘Kegel’ exercises over the last 65 years have been misinformed, misdirected, poorly taught and basically let down.

The ‘Kegel exercises’ that women are shown today bear no resemblance to what Kegel actually recommended and are not worthy of his name.

Millions of women struggling to cope with embarrassment and discomfort have been kept unaware of a simple, effective self-help treatment. And a multi-billion pound industry for designer incontinence pads has grown as a result.

The author makes the case for a total reassessment of pelvic floor muscle training and post-natal rehabilitation and the better promotion of pelvic floor exercises as a self-help treatment.

Reading this book may make you angry. But hopefully it will empower you and give you the knowledge to take greater control of your health and well being.

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