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The Lie Of The Land

The Lie Of The Land

David-Simmons_Cover_idea_2Many Britons have realised that there was a gap between what politicians said should happen and what actually happened. And there was a credibility gap between what the coalition said was necessary and what economists said should be done. This gap was covered by some politicians who may have been evasive or disingenuous, but when we looked at the results of their policies, it often seemed as if they were simply incompetent. Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, wanted free schools to be independent of government interference and so free of government rules. And he was surprised when some of them did things that he had not wanted, such as promoting a religious education. Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, tried to set up a Universal Credit welfare reform, but totally failed to achieve any sort of system. 

The gap between what politicians promised and what was achieved was papered over with clichés and generalisations. Their promises were vague, their claims of success were and their excuses for failure were evasive. Britain’s Conservative-led coalition of Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg is at best misguided and at worst incompetent. And possibly not totally honest with its citizens. 

This book is about the many ways in which the coalition has failed to deliver on its promises, failed to keep many of its promises, and papered over the gap with false advertising, generalisations and half-truths. On close examination, it is perhaps the least competent government in years, if not decades.

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