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The Moral Mind

The Moral Mind

Peter-Rossdale_CoverThe proposition advanced in this text is that the evolution of human consciousness resulted in associated behavioural patterns based upon groups forming in order to achieve the best chances of survival of individuals and of our species.

Grouping imposed routines of family followed by group membership, loyalty, discipline of rules, leadership, and philosophical routes to shared objectives and ambition.

Grouping has become a way of life with the mental and neurological integration that has acted as a theme inherited at conception and promoted via pathways of influence and experience from the moment of birth to the end of the life of each individual.

The example of Canon George Austen is used in “Canon George Austen Remembered” (ISBN 978-0-9541587-6-7) to illustrate the power and potential benefit of the group known as “low-church protestants” during his 70 years leadership in Whitby and York (1875-1933). A period in which he delivered great social and spiritual benefit to members of the church in North Yorkshire.

In The Moral Mind, the present author attempts to reconcile Austen’s message of Christianity with modern day philosophies of science, religion and of evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin who lived in the same era as Austen.

The conclusion reached is that groups have had advantages of cohesion but that their dogma have brought corresponding risks of conflict so apparent in the early 21st century. The arguments advanced rely upon the writings of Charles Darwin in his treatise on evolution and of the anthropologist Arthur Keith in his book “A New Theory of Evolution” in which he ascribed the problems of the 1840s as “The creaking of the wheels of the machinery of evolution”

The terms brainwashing and radicalisation are used currently to describe the process of indoctrination displayed by young individuals to join groups with extremist philosophies. But the brain is open to such influences from birth as a consequence of its evolutionary development.

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