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The Power With No Glory (When man made god)

The Power With No Glory (When man made god)

Cover_FinalI started to write this book in 1995 but the events that prompted me began in 1994. For me to have invented any part of this book would have been way out of my imagination. I am not a writer of any kind, and with this in mind the reader will experience my story with me, in full detail of events, almost when they happened. I can only tell you when my book started, as to when the story started… Well… That was millions of years ago, for what happened to me was but a mere blink of an eyelid in the expanse of time, and this ‘blink’ is the story I tell. As for its ending … There is none…Only the book stops. The truth must be for the reader to decide, for I know!

It was a freak accident that happened on the 17th April 1994 where my story begins. Through this million to one happening I became the willing guest of an alien race, (who were no strangers to Earth) I was invited aboard their space craft. These people knew more about us and our way of living than even we did. Aboard their craft are observers and scientists watching us, and preparing us for when we share our knowledge. It was these aliens that made god for us. This was (on their admission) a terrible mistake, and maybe, through me the start of rectification could begin.

Through my book lessons will be learnt, like how to avoid the same mistakes when we (Earth) venture out into space and… colonise… another unsuspecting planet, at the same stage of evolution as Earth was.
Through the eyes of the aliens many faults with our society will be exposed. Religion is first and foremost, for this is the destruction of all life. You have your doubts! Read the book and find out how the people of Earth can rapidly progress if religion is gently phased out, and the people of Earth begin to explore life for themselves without this fear of God or death. My sketches may be rough, but I am the only one who can come close to drawing them accurately, as it was I that witnessed all. I’ll tell you of the alien craft of immense proportions that remains totally invisible, yet never collides with Earth’s flying vessels, of alien craft through the ages, documented in the bible, the truth behind the Roswell incident, the battle in space between alien worlds that I witnessed. The surgery, the weaponry, the technology… Would you believe me?

I explain throughout the book the internal transportation within the space craft. The different kinds of smaller space craft throughout the ages, and the recordings of ancient man describing these craft. It’s not only the stark facts about religion that are exposed, but the taboo of the black man rears its ugly head. Is it the fault of the black man that all the white man’s castles are being eroded? Who started this downward trend? The black man? No!…the white man. Yes! And now they suffer for it. Who controls what we do, what we think, and the way we live, who we hate and who we love? … The Media, so strong that combined, they bring down governments.

What was the outcome of all of this and how do I fit in to a story as powerful as time itself. I am the arbitrator. I was given the ability to be a ‘super man’ with powers beyond belief. A sixty year old, everyday man that had more powers than those supposedly of Jesus and Satan combined. I fight armies, hooligans; I defend the rights of the weak. How do I do it all, un-noticed and still sane? How could I cope? What powers have I? What powers have they? Do governments know about them? Is it fact? Is it fiction? Is it the truth? You have never read anything like this document before. I have explained enough and I suggest you now read the book!