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The Red Book

The Red Book

Red-Book_DraftIt was a plot from the very highest levels of the German High Command; its aim to keep the United States from entering World war 11. To do this a German spy in England was ordered to recruit collaborators who would travel to America and help launch a propaganda campaign to prevent that country entering the war.

The Collaborators, among hundreds listed in The Red Book, the brain child of Reich Minister Joachim Von Ribbentrop, The German Ambassador Britain, included prominent members of society; politicians, peers of the realm, journalist, industrialists and even film stars.

Those who were approached and refused to collaborate were cold bloodedly murdered rather than risk exposure of the mission.

To find these collaborators and unmask the German spy was the task of the unlikely team of an old-fashioned Scotland Yard detective and an academic working out of Bletchley Park, the centre for the identification of German codes, working together to uncover the spy and unmask the collaborators.

After a long and dangerous search, with the help only of the local police and Home Guard they have only hours to foil an attempt by the collaborators to leave the country by plane from a remote location in England.

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