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The Storyteller’s Book (The Chronicles of Midway 1)

The Storyteller’s Book (The Chronicles of Midway 1)

Cover_Kevin-Fleming_1.1Twins, Nicholas and Melandra Wigg think they live a normal family life with their parents in the small village of Little Meesden. 

After awakening a fearsome hooded creature by reading from an ancient book, they are disturbed in the night by loud discordant music and watched by strange figures dressed as monks outside their house. 

Little do they realise the meaning it all has for them and their family. They suddenly find themselves thrust into a world they never knew existed. 

Join them as they try to understand their new lives, meet strange people and attempt to uncover the mysteries that lie in the hidden place known as Midway. 

In the first book of The Chronicles of Midway, danger and adventure follow the twins every step of the way as they try to recover the ancient and extremely powerful book that has been stolen. From flying galleons to mysterious portals, dark sinister characters to others who resemble angels, Nick and Mel discover virtually nothing is impossible in this world where everything they know of their human lives turns out to have no relevance in their new roles. 

Will they succeed in overcoming the true evil that threatens the existence of humanity? Or will the world be doomed to a terrible fate? 

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