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Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

Cover_Phill-Holmes_draft_1.5Robert Donovan is an aspiring, dashing young army Captain who has his heart completely captured upon first sight of the blinding beauty and sexually prolific nature of Sarah, a blond, 19 year old, 2nd Lieutenant in the late 1980’s, meeting for the first time 30,000 feet up in a Hercules transport aircraft above the skies over Athens en-route home to the UK on annual leave. The attraction is both mutually instant and incredibly intense, and following a sex charged, whirlwind romance that ultimately results in her pregnancy, they marry in something of a hurry, eventually producing two daughters of good standing and sound character in a seemingly happy, lust fuelled relationship.

Moving on 20 years to the eve of his eldest daughter Elizabeth’s 21st birthday, dark family secrets are exposed as Lizzie confides the heinous truth’s to her father and upon the outing of these terrible revelations the relationships that exist within the family steadily slip into nuclear meltdown as Robert finds himself increasingly alienated from his family, friends and even his career as his wife Sarah launches an intense, remorseless, smear campaign against him, blackening his name and destroying his good reputation as a distraction from the awful truth.

As the family steadily tears itself apart with the whole situation spiralling wildly out of control, retribution is sought and attained but only at a deadly cost and as Robert turns further and further towards the company of the bottle in a hopeless attempt to seek clarity of vision over issues to which he has long remained suspicious yet ultimately dismissive, the immense psychological pressures he must bear eventually crack his spirit, resulting in him turning upon his wife with devastating effect.

As a result of his one, split second of drunken overreaction, Robert’s life is forced into such a bleak and dismal place that neither he, nor anyone else would ever have imagined it could possibly descend into, as those dark foreboding portents of depravity are suddenly set loose to breath again as a totally unexpected source provides those dark forces with a new lease of resurrected life.

Sometimes, the blatantly obvious is simply overlooked as it is often hidden from sight in clear and open view!

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