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Why Just Kindle?

Kindle has by far the largest market of all the eReaders out there, for every 100 physical books they sell they sell a further 180 books on Kindle.

Biggest market

The Kindle by Amazon

The Kindle by Amazon

According to Forester Research over $3 Billion was spend on eBooks in 2011, Amazon’s Kindle store accounted for over half of that and their share is growing thanks to the ease of purchasing books with their device.

Easiest to Publish With

Amazon have made a breakthrough in the publishing world by not insisting that authors provide ISBN or British Library Catalogue numbers.

The result is, it’s a lot easier to get a book published.  No longer do you have to be at the mercy of a publishing house or editor, you can publish your work, how you want to.

Amazon believe that customer choice is their greatest selling point.  A traditional publisher is selective over what they publish, only selecting those books that they believe will sell well and make them money, whereas Amazon would rather publish everything and let the consumer decide what they want to read.


Simple Ordering

Amazon are kings of making purchasing easy, they Kindle is no different.  With one click you can purchase a book and have it on your Kindle within seconds.

Other devices require you to connect your eReader to a PC then download your eBook to the PC then transfer it over.  A tedious process that stops people from purchasing – I should know, I din’t have a Kindle! (I do have the Kindle app for my Blackberry and iPad and probably spend more money through Kindle than for my eReader)

Use KDP Select

If you just publish your work through Kindle you can enrol in the KDP Select programme which means your book can be ‘lent’ out, free of charge to Amazon Prime members.  As the author you then get a small fee every time someone lends your book.

People don’t have to buy your book for you to make money! I think that’s a good enough reason to stick to just Kindle.

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3 more reasons to publish just to Kindle

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