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Why you shouldn’t publish to iTunes

You can submit your eBook to iTunes so that is available to all iPhone, iPod (touch) and iPad users, a potentially huge market however I strongly recommend that you don’t do it.

Get the App

For all those iPad & iPhone users there is the Kindle App, they can download it for free and read Kindle books on their device, they don’t need to have ‘native’ iBooks,

The Kindle App is also available for Android phones, Blackberry phones and of course PC and Mac, effectively Amazon have created a solution that works across the whole market place.

Make More Money from Kindle

One key benefit of Kindle over iBooks is that you can price your eBook more realistically.  Most eBooks on the iBooks application sell for around $0.99 whereas you can dictate a more realistic price on Kindle.

Use KDP Select

If you just publish your work through Kindle you can enrol in the KDP Select programme which means your book can be ‘lent’ out to other Kindle users, you then get a small fee every time someone lends your book.

You also get the opportunity to offer your book free of charge for up to 5 days in every 90, this is a great way of encouraging downloads and getting reviews.

People don’t have to buy your book for you to make money! I think that’s a good enough reason to stick to just Kindle.

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