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World Planetary Defenders And The Hidden Menace

World Planetary Defenders And The Hidden Menace

CoverGalileo’s people are the most successful race in the universe, innovative, peace-loving and super-intelligent. Now their planet has been destroyed, they are turning their attention to planet Earth. 

But evil Marduk got there over 2,000 years earlier and secretly buried devices in London, China and the Antarctic which have been damaging mankind ever since, destroying Earth’s eco-systems and stopping people reaching their true potential. 

The future of Earth now depends on six teenagers, hand-picked for their special powers. But can spoilt Jamal, shy Mitchi and self-obsessed Angie lay down their prejudices to become World Planetary Defenders? The world needs them and time is running out. 

Now we have a hero and heroine for readers from every part of the globe. In this delicious fantasy adventure, real life meets originality and invention. 

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